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Website & Team

Horror on Screen is born on November 2012, from a frustration of mine not to be able to rate, comment and discuss about the horror movies I just watched.

Ok, there is IMBD and Rotten Tomatoes for rating and commenting, but they are not horror specialized and overcrowded. Other horror-related websites are usually very good, but they offer a poor interactive experience.

So I decided to create this website, which does not intend to concurrence the big websites (best-horror-movies.com, horror-movies.ca, fangoria, bloody-disgusting.com, etc) but intends to offer a different experience. Horror on Screen aims at being some sort of a “Facebook of horror”, a place where users can truly interact with the content by voting for films, building their horror profile, check out statistics and getting ranked amongst each others.

For this reason, I invite you to register if you haven’t done so yet, and visit the review list to start rating the movies that you’ve seem. Don’t forget to comment too, whenever you feel like it. Horror on Screen is meant to be an interactive experience, so please, go ahead and share your thoughts, whether it serious or funny, one word or 20 lines!

This website will start with a basis of 50 reviews, to which some reviews will be added weekly (probably 5-10 per weeks). Reviews are written by either me (Raoul), Eloise or Dylan. The rating is given by the reviewer and do not represent the overall team opinion (which you will usually find in the comments if we disagree with each others, ahah).

I also intend to publish some miscellaneous posts about whatever comes to my mind, but this is not the first objective of this website.



The huge team of Horror on Screen is made of:

RAOUL aka Admin (Creator of Horror-on-Screen)

I’m 30, French. I have been into horror/fantastic and science fiction since ever, but only started to get heavily into the horror genre since 5-6 years ago. I have seen around 800 horror films so far. Not a writer or into the film-business at all, I am instead a scientist in real-life, and maybe I can use some of that to bring a scientific point of view to the horror world.


Personnal Taste

Like Particularly: Monsters of all kinds!! Also into zombies, evil spirit and possession movies.

Doesn’t like to much: Comedie-horror and Slasher

Guilty Pleasure: Found footage, even the bad ones! 


Favourite movies: “28 Days Later”, “Martyrs”, “The Descent”, “Hellraiser II”, “Alien II”

Worst movies: “House II”, “Paranormal Activity 4” and “Willow Creek”

Movie List: (not anymore, too lazy…)



ELOISE aka YanguiThePoo

I’m 29, from England. I have always been a fan of horror movies, starting watching them when I was really young, with my dad. I used to find them quite funny. Horror movies are now one of my favorite hobbies, but in everyday life, I’m more into chemistry. Also, she manages the Travel Blog Two Frog Out And About.

Personal Taste

Like Particularly: Creature movies, zombies and vampires, post-apocalyptic movies

Doesn’t like to much: Paranormal and horror comedy

Guilty Pleasure: Crappy creature teen horror movies, yeah, they entertain me!

Favourite movies: “Halloween”, “Martyrs”, “28 Weeks later”, “The Thing” + “Walking Dead Season 3” 

Worst movies: “Shark Night”, “Scream 4” and “Paranormal Activity 4”



DYLAN aka Horrorbrain96

Hey, I’m 18, from Victoria (Australia) and I’m heavily into horror. Horror has always been in my blood and I have always been truly dedicated to it, spending most of my free time watching it and talking about it over and over again with my friends.


Personal Taste

Like Particularly: 80s Horror, Italian Horror, Exploitation, Video Nasties and Slashers

Doesn’t like to much: Movies with stupid endings that make no sense like “Yellow Brick Road” and Lovely Molly”

Guilty Pleasure: 80s slashers, cannibal films and anything exploitation


Favourite movies: “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Halloween”, “The Exorcist”, “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” and “Suspiria”

Worst movies: “Alien vs. Hunter”, “House of the Dead” and “Day of the Dead 2: Contagion”


RONAN aka MrSatan

“Howdy, I’m 18, from England. I’m really into film and like watching all kinds of different films! Horror as always been an interesting genre for me. I have always enjoyed watching it even when I was much younger and I still do. I always enjoy talking about it all the time with my friends.”


Personnal Taste

Like Particularly: 70’s horror, Foreign horror (Japanese, European) and Gory movies

Doesn’t like to much: Gothic horror and Paranormal

Guilty Pleasure: Cannibal films and Disturbing films


Favourite movies: “Cannibal holocaust”, “The Thing”, “Evil dead 2”, “The Wicker Man”, “The Descent”

Worst movies:“Swamp Zombies!”, “Alone in the dark”, “Death Bed: The Bed That Eats”



Andrew aka Drew

Hello fellow horror fans, my name Andrew, native of Minnesota, U.S.A. I grew to love horror films at a very young age loving A Nightmare before Christmas, Scooby Doo and Godzilla so it’s been one of my callings. Right now I’m a student finishing a Master’s Degree in Geography and looking to become successful and travel the world.


Personnal Taste

Like Particularly: Psychological, Slashers, Vampires, Foreign and Gothic

Doesn’t like to much: Exploitation, Body Horror and Small Creatures

Guilty Pleasure: Halloween sequels that aren’t from Rob Zombie, Stephen King lesser known movies and the entire Phantasm franchise.


Favourite movies: “Halloween”, “Phantasm”, “Black Christmas”, “28 Days Later” and “The Exorcist”. 

Worst movies: Rob Zombie’s “Halloween 2”, “Stay Alive”, “Psycho” (Remake), “The Happening” and anything “Chucky/Childs Play” post-1990. 





Hi all, I’m a young(ish) horror fan from Romania. I’ve started watching horror movies when I was very young and I always had nightmares afterwards (Freddie Krueger was my arch nemesis), but the genre become one of my favorites after I read “It” by Stephen King and saw the TV mini-series, in 7th grade.


Personal Taste

Like Particularly: Asian and Supernatural Horror

Doesn’t like to much: Torture Porn

Guilty Pleasure: Slashers and Found Footage


Favourite movies: “A Tale of Two Sisters”, 30 Days of Night”, “28 Days Later”, “Candyman”, “The Innocents”

Worst movies: “Dread”, all “Paranormal Activities” and “Martyrs”

Facebook Page: I am the admin of Movie Quotes, a page about cinema !

Blog: Check out my blog too….MOODY CLAPPERS!



We are always looking for anyone willing to help. Whether you would like to become a regular reviewer or just publish a couple of article (not publicity obviously…), you are more than welcome. Just drop us an email at michael.curtin2@aol.com. Sorry, it will have to be for free (for your love of horror let’s say!).

Website developer and website designer are also more than come and give us a hand (but I think I can always dream about that one)!