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10 Items to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

10 Items to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Outbreak!!!!! 

This week, our Top 10 Horror Lists series (see the others here) is different – we are not talking about movies, but we ask you to make your horror survival list. You can pick 10 items of your choice to help you survive in a world infested by undead brain eaters, and other people desperate to survive too. Think of all those Walking Dead episodes you’ve watched, all of Romero’s classic, or all these hours spent playing DayZ standalone. Pick wisely… your survival depends on it.

I got the idea for that post after someone from MAN CRATES (a cool company that ships awesome gifts for men in crates that you have to open with a crowbar!) asked me what I would like to find in my “horror movie survival crate”…thanks for the idea! Here is what I would like inside my zombie survival crate:


1. Gun + Silencer


Combining stealth and portability, a silent (not to attract zombies) gun is essential as last barrier of protection. But be careful, chances of coming across bullets in a post-apocalyptic world will be small, so keep those you have for the worst situations…especially bandits! You might want to sleep with it too, just in case.

2. Katana

In a world where bullets are scares and zombies attracted by noise, a hand weapons is a must-have. Instead of an axe or a spear that will remain stuck in the zombies’ head every single time, pick a light and sharp weapon. As we’ve seen in The Walking Dead, nothing is deadliest than a katana, so that would be my personal pick!

3. Water purification tabs

This goes without saying, you need to drink…and don’t expect taps to work after the first month of civilization collapse.

4. Scooter

Scooters, bikes, rollers, all those things seems to be totally absent in zombies movies! Yet, they are your best chance of survival in case you come across a group of hungry brain eaters! I picked scooter because it fits in the sports bag, but anything that can increase your speed and do not require gas is good to take! Good manoeuvrability is important too!

5. Rope (or Duck tape)

If you’ve watched enough episode of Survivor, you will know how handy a rope is. Let is be to build a shelter, immobilizes bitten friends or bandits, build a trap for animals. If you suck at knots, you might want to consider duct tape instead of rope!

6. Medical Kit

Not sure if that counts as one items only, but a basic sewing kit, bandages and most importantly, antibiotics are a must-have for long-term survival. With no medical support, you’ll be at the mercy of any infection, fever, flu or intoxication… and do not forget painkillers to get you going when you feel like shit.

7. Books

This might sounds useless and heavy, but boredom is the shortest way to insanity, and keeping your spirit up when you’re by yourself and surrounded by zombies will be a tough task. I discarded everything that requires electricity, so a good old book is just perfect. If you’re not into reading, consider a chess set, cards or just dices.

8. A good quality, hand-powered torch

That will definitely be the most difficult item to find, but it’s worth looking for it! How many movies have you seen where the torch battery gives up at the worst moment? This should teach a lesson to any wannabe survivor. Light is essential to survival, and without power, hand-powered is the way to go!

9. A flint

Fire is essential to getting the minimum comfort necessary to stay alive and sane: let it be to cook food or simply keep warm. Matches and lighters are too unreliable (too sensitive to moisture), so a sparkling device is the way to go! Make sure you’ve watched a couple of Survivor episode to know how to use it, and you’re good to go!

10. A fishing kit

Assuming the fish did not get contaminated by the plague, they will provide a reliable source of food that should be much easier to catch than hunting, and much easier to prepare & cook too! Do not forget seashells picking too!


Depending on your need, you might also want to consider:

A detailed map of the area

A crowbar

A sleeping bag

A pocket tool


What would YOU put in your bag? Let us know!

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